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Profesores de Baile
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Dance Styles

Latin American Section:

Cha Cha Cha
This is a fun dance originating from Cuba. It is a syncopated Rumba and the name comes from the rhythm of the feet on the dance floor. This dance is used when competing at an international level.

Again originating from Cuba, this is a sensual and passionate dance with pulsating rhythms. This is a dance of love and is featured strongly in the International Dance Competitions.

Originally a work dance and today is still danced in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and is featured in their famous carnival. It is danced in the Latin Section of International dance competitions, but is now very different from the original Brazilian dance.

Paso Doble
During this dance the dance floor becomes the Spanish bullfighting arena, the man is the matador and the lady the flowing cape that entices the bull. Many of the bullfighting passes can be recogonised and many Spanish Flamenco steps have also been introduced. Again this dance is included in the International Latin Competitions

The Jive has had many different styles which have been adjusted to the various musical phases from the 1920's Lindy Hop, 1930's Jitterbug and Boogie. 1940's Swing and in the 1960's Rock’n’Roll. These are all styles of Jive. It has been standardised and included as one of the dances in International Dance competitions.

This is a fun and flirtatious dance. Popular for all-night partying. Salsa movements originate from the Cuban Son dancing of the 1920s with a rich blend of Latin-American and Western influences. Salsa is normally a partner dance, although there are recognized solo forms such as line dancing!(suelta) and Rueda de Casino where multiple couples exchange partners in a circle. Salsa can be improvised or performed with a set routine.

Mambo is a Latin dance of Cuban origin. Mambo music was invented in 1930s Havana by Cachao and his contemporaries with heavy influences from Jazz musicians that the Italian-American gangsters, who controlled Havana's casinos, brought to entertain their American customers.

The Merengue is a Caribbean Dominican Republic party dance. Many of the arm movements are similar to the Salsa but it is danced at a much slower tempo, and therefore easier to pick up.

Rock and Roll
This is similar to the standardised Jive but does not have the ‘chasse’ or ‘triple step’. It is much faster and also includes jumps and lifts as well as the normal kicks and spins.

Bossa Nova
This is a latin dance reminiscent of the old square rumba. Fun to dance and the music is not quite as complicated as some of the more recent latin rhythms making the execution of this dance easier for the beginner.


News/ Events

To stay up to date with the latest news and events for S.I.P.B.E, please contact us to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.